What we believe in

Our cooperation is built on trust. We openly share all of our work methods and the rules we rely on.


Above all, Sillaps values people. (That’s why it’s our first value.) When push comes to shove, we make decisions in people's best interests over financial gains and other business metrics.


Quality permeates everything we do. From visual design to communication, writing code, etc. We want to succeed not by volume, but the craftsmanship of the solutions we propose.


Action drives progress. It's not enough to have ideas: they must be discussed, owned, and acted on. No team member is intimidated to stand up for progress, much less lead the way.
Sillaps is a digital product studio fueled by collaboration, curiosity, and craftsmanship
How we dot it
Below, we describe the principles we follow to deliver maximum value in all of our projects.
Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
We approach processes flexibly and find the right tools to maximize the results of the cooperation.
Working software over comprehensive documentation
We’d rather spend time making things work than produce tons of documents describing how things should work. Of course, we do prepare documentation - as much as necessary to work on the project smoothly and to make sure everyone can easily access the project info.
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Your best interest is our best interest. Mutual trust, transparency, and drive to start collaborating directly with the team works wonders.
Responding to change over following a plan
Software design and development is a fast-changing environment, which is why we do planning in small steps and preserve the possibility to pivot when necessary.